The Sun City Pastoral Residency (SCPR) is two years of pastoral training and equipping with an additional period of testing that will be unique to each Resident. Throughout the two years of training Residents will go through equipping designed to increase competency in many aspects of pastoral ministry.

The end goal of SCPR is the glory of God.  We hope to see graduates of SCPR plant churches, revitalize dying churches, pastor existing churches, become non- vocational pastors of churches, and many other ventures. We believe that the end of all of these endeavors must be the glory of God. So then, when Residents are reading, writing, preaching, praying, they are not just doing so to become better pastors; they are doing so to ultimately bring glory to God. 


Do I have to be a member of Sun City Church to be a Resident?

  • Yes.

If I complete SCPR am I guaranteed a pastorate/eldership at Sun City Church?

  • No. Not everyone who completes SCPR will become an elder at Sun City Church. One reason is that we do not have need of that many elders. Another is that not everyone who completes SCPR and is qualified and called to pastor is a good fit for Sun City Church or called to Sun City Church. However, SCPR will be the method to obtain Eldership at Sun City Church. 

If I complete SCPR am I guaranteed planting or pastoring a church for Sun City Church?

  • No. Not all men who aspire and are qualified to plant a church are called to do so through Sun City Church, nor would everyone be a good fit for Sun City Church. We are looking for men who line up with us. 

What if I don’t have two years to train, does that disqualify me?

  • Not exactly, we know that the route to pastoral ministry is not going to be the same for everyone. Therefore, the Elders reserve the right to uniquely tailor SCPR for particular individuals. For instance, if someone is interested in pastoring at Sun City and Sun City Church is interested in them pastoring and they bring years of ministry experience, the program might be expedited for that individual. However, it should be said that the normality for SCPR is two years of training with additional time of testing. 

What is the yearly schedule for SCPR?

  • The program is based on a 10 months on and 2 months off model. Residents will have July off as well as December. The year will start in August and end in June. Application for SCPR will begin in late June-July and interviews will take place in July.